About Lauren


I’m a native Californian who has lived in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Barcelona, and San Francisco. In August 2015, I quit my job to go do a bit of exploring in South America. I left behind a stable salary and an absurdly cheap apartment in San Francisco to mix things up and venture into the unknown. This will be my first trip down south, so I’m going equipped with some knowledge of Spanish, a 70L backpack, lots of travel meds and an open mind. My goal is to make it through Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, potentially settling down in one of these places for a bit. Feel free to follow along to get a glimpse of the places I’ll be visiting on my journey.

3 thoughts on “About Lauren

  1. Hey Lauren, I’m home with the flu which has given me time to catch up with your travels. i’m so impressed with the trekking thru Patagonia and your ability to endure such challenging terraine. Your photos are amazing! Gotta say, your dad really upped the blogging bar with the videos and classical music. Maybe you should have thought twice before turning over the pen! I think there’s a job for you at Globe Trekker! Looking forward to your next post. Much love, Auntie Wendy


    1. I’m sorry you’re home sick, but glad you’ve been liking the blog! I know, I’ll need to think of something stellar to outdo him for the next post. Pressure’s on.. Hope you feel better and hope to see you soon. XOXO Lauren


  2. Hi Lauren! Just wanted to say great job with your blog. Really like the way you have it set up, and your visuals are awesome. Kudos and safe travels! 🙂


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